CamhiExt Privacy Policy

Important notes

The CamhiExt Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") is intended to explain how CamhiExt will collect and use your personal information. This policy applies to all services that CamhiExt provides to you and the features it contains. This policy is the basic legal document for your use of our products and / or services. We hope that you can read and understand that you have fully understood the contents of this policy before using the CamhiExt service, and you can make the right choice according to your own understanding. If you continue to use our products and/or services, that means you agree to the content of this policy (including the updated version), and agree to our collection, use your relavant information in accordance with this policy.

Personal information refers to various information recorded by electronically or other methods that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activity of a particular natural person, either alone or in combination with other information. The ersonal information involved in this policy includes: basic information (including personal name, date of birth, gender, address, personal phone number, e-mail address); personal identification information (including ID card, military officer's card, passport, driver's license, relevant identification, etc.); personal location information; network identity information (including system account, IP address, email address, password related to the above)

1. How we collect and use your personal information

Our products and/or services include basic features related to CamhiExt products (such as surveillance video preview, device operation and control, etc.). We may collect, store, and use some information about you to achieve these features. If you do not provide this information, you will not be able to enjoy the products and / or services we offer.

1.1 When you register an account to use our products and/or services, we will collect information of your username, password, email address, mobile number, and so on. We collect mobile phone numbers is to meet the requirements of the real-name system of relevant laws and regulations. If you log in to our products and / or services with other methods, we will request your personal information from the related third party. As to the personal information that we request but not available to third parties, we can still ask you to provide. If you refuse to provide this information, our products and / or services may not work properly.

1.2 When you purchase a product or service from CamhiExt, we also collect your order information, including the order number, the goods or services you purchased, the amount you paid, and the method of payment. We will use this information to determine transactions, pay settlements, complete delivery, check orders for you, provide customer service and after-sales services, and judge if your transactions are abnormal to protect your transactions.

1.3 When you make a payment, you can choose the payment service provided by the third-party payment institutions copperated with CamhiExt (including Alipay, WeChat payment, UnionPay and other payment channels, hereinafter referred to as “payment institution”). We do not collect your personal information through the payment function itself, but we need to share your order number and transaction amount information with these payment agencies to confirm your payment instructions and complete the payment.

1.4 We will collect device information, network information, and location information of your end users by calling the relevant interface of the system to ensure the accuracy of data statistics. Please pay attention and know that in order to achieve the above-mentioned business functions, the Aurora SDK collects your end user's "device information", "network information" and / or "location information" on the premise that the end user is authorized to enable "Read and write SD card permissions" , "Network Access permissions", "Device Information permissions" and / or "Location permissions". If your end users do not want to be collected the above information, you can do so by turning off "Read and write SD card permissions", "Network access permissions", "Device information permissions" and / or "Location permissions". In order to meet the basic requirements of laws and regulations and provide services, to ensure the security of your account and system operation, and to prevent fraudulent phishing websites more accurately, we will collect relevant information generated by you during the use of Aurora services to determine your account risk, to ensure that Aurora provides you with normal services, statistics of traffic, troubleshooting of abnormal information, and detection, prevention and investigation of fraud, abuse or security incidents, etc. These informations include: (1) Log information (2) Device information
We promise that we will never collect or require you to collect personally sensitive information, including but not limited to personal race, political orientation, religion, belief, personal genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation, and so on.
When we use personal information for other purposes not specified in this policy, we will notify you in advance, and ask you to notify your end users and ask for their consent. When we use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will also notify you in advance and ask you to notify your end users and ask for their consent.


2. How we protect and save your personal information

To prevent illegal access, copying, modification, transmission, loss, destruction, processing or use of your personal information in an accidental or unauthorized manner, take the following steps to protect your personal information:

2.1 Encrypt the user's personal information by adopting encryption technology and isolate it through isolation technology.

2.2 When using personal information, such as personal information display and personal information correlation calculation, we will enhance the security of personal information in use by using various data technologies including content replacement and encryption.

2.3 Establish strict data usage and access to prevent data from being used in violation.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this policy or your personal information, please contact us.